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Pappy's Tizers

Served with two sauces complimentary. Add additional sauces .75 cents each.

P's Onion Rings $10.00
Pappas family recipe, lightly marinated and dusted and flash fried served with P’s special dipping sauce, Half Order…$7.50  Add to Burger or Sandwich…$4
Chicken Wings Bone-in or Boneless $13.50
Tossed with your Favorite sauce: Buffalo,Smokey Honey Bourbon ,Tropical Mango Habanero, Garlic Parmesan, or Mango Habanero Dry Rubbed
Golden Crusted Walleye Fingers $14.50
Hand cut, flash fried walleye strips with housemade tartar sauce
P's Scallop Benedict $15.00
Pecan wood smoked bacon wrapped scallops served over toast points and topped with hollandaise sauce
P's Artichoke Lobster Dip $16.00
Lobster meat, artichokes, and a special blend of cheese topped with scallions and toasted almonds, served with French bread
P's Wings and Ribs $15.00
BBQ rib Ticklers and Chicken wings you pick the flavor for your wings
P's Calamari $15.00
Pan fried with garlic butter and tossed with blend of three peppers and topped with scallions served with sweet and spicy dipping sauce. (available plain)
P's Idaho Nachos $13.00
Fried Idaho Kettle Chips- smothered with cheddar cheese, pecan wood smoked bacon, topped with tomatoes, scallions and chipotle sour cream sauce

Add Chicken or Beef – $2

Ellsworth Cheese Curds $10.00
Wisconsin white natural curd deep fried golden brown served with P’s creamy BBQ sauce
P's Chicken Strips $12.00
Fresh chicken breast, hand cut on premise beer batter fried served with house made BBQ sauce

Add French Fries or Tater Barrels – $2.50

Soup and Salads

Pappy's Wedge Salad $13.00
Pappys family traditional wedge salad crisp iceberg lettuce topped with Amableu cheese dressing, diced red onions, real pecan wood smoked bacon bits and grape tomatoes then drizzled with balsamic glaze.

Add grilled Chicken- $5- or Grilled Shrimp(4) $7 or 6oz Petit filet $10

P's Greek Salad $13.00
Fresh greens tossed with Pappy’s house made dressing served over house made potato salad and topped with feta cheese, Kalamata olives,tomatoes, pepperoncini peppers, hard boiled egg and fresh green onion

Add grilled chicken $5- or Grilled Shrimp (4) $7

Pear & Candied Pecan Salad $13.00
Spring greens tossed with P’s creamy maple cider dressing served with pear wedges and topped with Amablue cheese crumbles, sliced red onions and candied pecans.
House Salad $9.00
Crispy greens, red onions. tomato, cheddar cheese, craisins and your choice of dressing

Add Grilled Chicken $5 or Grilled Shrimp(4) $7

Pappy's Steak House Chopped Salad $18.00
Sirloin Steak, Chopped Greens, tomatoes, red onions, bacon, Blu cheese dressing, and crumbles and drizzled with balsamic glaze…$18 (instead add chicken $18 or shrimp $20)
Pappy's Buffalo Chicken Cobb Salad  $18.00
Crisp greens tossed with Blu cheese dressing, Buffalo chicken kabobs, rows of tomatoes, bacon bits, red onions, blu cheese crumbles, celery sticks, and  a roasted jalapeno pepper. (Substitute with four (4) Shrimp $20)

Pizza & Bread

The Meat Head Pizza $17.00
Crispy thin 12″ crust topped with Pappy’s house red sauce, spicy Italian sausage, Canadian bacon, and pepperoni and aged mozzarella cheese
Steak Bull Bites $14.99
Tender marinated steak bites topped with fresh bruschetta and Béarnaise sauce served with toasted French bread points ( bleu cheese dipping sauce upon request)
Cheesy Garlic Bread $9.00
Focaccia flat bread topped with P’s garlic butter sauce topped with aged mozzarella & bake bubbly and topped with fresh scallions

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Pappy's Burgers

Choice of French fries, tater tots, potato salad, coleslaw, or side salad


Pappy Burger $14.99

The Pappy – cheese curds, onion ring, and creamy BBQ sauce

The Pappy Deluxe – Cheese curds, onion ring, creamy BBQ sauce, lettuce, tomato, pecan smoked bacon – $15.99

Quesadilla Burger $14.99
Grilled flour tortilla, pepper Jack cheese topped with red onion, tomatoes and Southwest Ranch sauce
P's Patty Melt $14.99
Beef patty, grilled rye bread with sautéed onions, Swiss and American cheeses
Bacon Cheese Burger $14.99
Crisp pecan smoked bacon, smoked tomato aioli & your choice of cheese
Smoked House Burger $14.99
P’s smokey BBQ sauce, smoked pecan bacon, onions and choice of cheese
P's Bleu Moon Burger $14.99
Dusted with our 7-pepper seasoning, topped withAmableu cheese and pecan bacon
Swiss & Fungi $14.99
Gooey Swiss cheese, smoked tomato aioli and lots ofsautéed mushrooms
Peanut Butter Burger $14.99
Choice of cheese, pecan smoked bacon and peanut butter on toasted English muffin
``The Hangover Burger $14.99
Pecan smoked bacon, cheddar cheese, hot sauce and fried chicken egg
P's Firecracker Burger $14.99
Pepper jack cheese, jalapeno poppers, bacon, and cry baby hot sauce
Turkey Burger $14.50
Perfectly seasoned turkey ground burger, spring greens, red onions, tomatoes and P’s Southwest ranch sauce
P's Classic Burger $12.99

served with tomato dill pickle aioli

Add Cheese: American, Swiss, Cheddar or Provolone. Add – 1.50

Pappy's Plates

Pappy’s plates come with one pass through the salad bar, and choice of one side

P's Filet Migon $38.00
9oz Hand-cut center cut steak served sizzling with sauted mushrooms
P's Petite Filet  $32.00
6oz hand cut steak served over Balsamic glaze
Ribeye Steak $35.00
14 oz. Well aged, hand cut grilled to liking topped with herbed butter
Steak & Shrimp $34.00
6 oz. tenderloin filet of beef with 3 large fried shrimp
Batter Fried Shrimp $26.00
Six large white shrimp batter fried. Served with your choice of house-made tartar sauce or cocktail
P's BBQ Pork Ribs $25.00
Special rub and slowly braised to perfection! Finished with P’s house-made BBQ sauce
BBQ Ribs and Shrimp Combo $30.00
Fall off the bone ribs with 3 jumbo batter fried shrimp
BBQ Ribs and Chicken Combo $28.00
Fall off the bone ribs with  batter fried chicken strips
Wild Walleye Pike $25.00
Minnesota’s Favorite! Your choice of Parmesan crusted, lemon pepper broiled or scratched beer batter fried
North Atlantic Cod $18.00

Beer batter fried or broiled fillet of cod served with tartar sauce

Grilled Mediterranean Chicken Kabob Dinner $17.00
Two kabobs served with Greek salad, pita wedges and house made hummus. ( salad bar not included)
Caramelized Sea Scallops $30.00
All Natural Scallops broiled in roasted garlic balsamic vinaigrette

Sandwich & Wraps

Choice of one side: French fries, tater tots, potato salad, side salad or coleslaw, Add Onion Rings..$4

The Dip $14.99
Thinly sliced choice beef and caramelized onions on a crusted French hoagie roll with choice of cheese and beef au jus
Pike Reuben $13.99
Wild walleye fillet, lightly breaded, topped with Pappy’s slaw and Swiss cheese on grilled rye bread
Cod Fish Sandwich $13.99
Deep fried cod topped cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato and tartar sauce
Steak & Bleu Wrap $14.99
Sirloin steak, smoked pecan bacon, onions and bleu cheese sauce on garlic herb wrap
Buffalo Chicken Wrap $14.50
Grilled chicken, lettuce, tomato, red onion and a spicy Buffalo sauce and Amableu sauce on herb tortilla wrap
P's Gyro Wrap $14
Beef and lamb gyro meat, crisp lettuce, tomato, onion and tzatziki sauce in a garlic herb tortilla wrap

Live Well, Laugh Well, Eat Well

Meathead Monday

Our signature all-meat pizza for 2 with one-time pass soup and salad bar. $25


Sunday all you can eat Breakfast Buffet $15.00
Serving 10am-1pm, Scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, french toast, pancakes, biscuit & sausage gravy with all the fixings. Endless (no take outs)
Sunday Steak & Shrimp $26.00
Steak & Shrimp – 6oz. tenderloin or beef with three jumbo fried shrimp, choice of side, and one time pass through the salad bar.
Wednesday Endless Shrimp all day $21.00

Choose between scampi, batter fried shrimp alfredo, grilled skewers or coconut

Thursday All you can eat Pork Ribs $24.00
Special rub and slowly braised to perfection! Finished with P’s house made BBQ sauce.
Friday Fish Fry $16.00

USA premium deep-fried cod loins, Served with your choice of potato, soup and salad bar

Add $1 for broiled

Saturday Prime Thyme

Saturday Prime Thyme
“Certified Hereford” beef prime rib well aged, slowly cooked to perfection! 12 oz. cut – $29.00 Till Gone! Or Battered Fried Shrimp $23 both come with side and soup and salad bar. (After 4:00pm)

Pappy's Pledge

“We uses only the finest ingredients in all of our soups, lunch, and dinner specials. We pride ourselves with scratch dressings and sauces made in house.”

Locally Owned & Operated.

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Chris & Sheila Pappas


Serving from 10 am till 2 pm Saturday & Sunday

Call 258-4550 for takeout or reservations

Morning Liquids

Coffee, Juices or Hot Chocolate $2.50

Bloody Marty $5.50 – Screwdriver $4

Pabst Hard Coffee $5

Consuming raw or under cooked meat, poultry,
seafood & eggs mayincrease your risk of food borne illness.